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Personal Remittance Service

Personal Remittance service allows you to send money overseas easily, through our established global network, you can remit money to all major countries around the world.

CNY Pre-exchange Rate Remittance

Allows you to send money to all major banks in China easily, we offer attractive exchange rate, safe and fast crediting to beneficiary account. According to China regulations, each China citizen is only allowed to receive up to USD 50,000 or equivalent of foreign currency in each calendar year.

International Remittance

You can send money to all major countries around the world; we support all major currencies except for RMB remittance, low cost and reliable.

Local Transfer

Relied on the Kuwait's Automated Settlement System for Inter-participant Payments (KASSIP), you could transfer to any local bank in KWD very fast with reasonable charges.

Information Required

- Remitter’s identification No.,  e.g. Civil ID No, Passport No. etc
- Remitter’s address and contact No.
- Remittance purpose
- Remitter’s relationship with beneficiary
- Beneficiary’s name
- Beneficiary’s IBAN account No. (For local transfer and IBAN required countries) or account number(For non-IBAN countries) IBAN country list
- Beneficiary’s China ID No.(Only for CNY Pre-exchange Rate Remittance)
- Beneficiary’s address and contact No
- Full name of receiving bank
- Receiving bank SWIFT CODE

Remitter Requirement:

-Must Hold current/saving account with our bank
- Must Provide complete information details and sufficient fund

Documents Required:

- Valid identification documents (tourist Visa or short term visit pass not allowed)?: Civil ID, passport,etc.
- For Remittance above 3000KD, purpose of the transfer and proof thereof.

Special Attention:

For Remittance above 500,000KD or equivalent in other currencies, please notice the bank in advance at least two working days.